• Adelaide 

    Even though we spent little time in the big city we found quite a few things to do. Firstly we stayed at this hostel which was pretty much recommended to us all the way from Melbourne, Glenelg beach hostel. It is situated right at the beach with tram stops to your right, shops to your left and this Mexican place – Beach Burrito on the corner which is the bomb. It’s quite cheap too with very spacious rooms.

    I will start with the beach because that’s what was closest to us during our trip. On our first day we walked around the small town which was Glenelg, the street itself was full of the normal shops you find in the city however smaller in every way. The beach though was something else. Filled to the brim with tourists, locals and dogs it became the ultimate destination for the phrase “chilling”. We found a spot on the fine sand opposite the crystal clear water, people don’t really say much about the beach in Adelaide but the vibe of the people there just made it feel like home or Manly beach whichever you prefer really. After travelling down from Melbourne, to come across every beach which was prestige but yet in the minuses to swim in this was pure, warm bliss. With a men’s foot size crab trying to attack Luke’s feet after about 20 minutes we thought it was time to leave the water and explore.

    With cafes and bars right at our fingertips we vouched for a Chinese which happened to be the best one I’ve had in ages. Adelaide seemed pretty quite when we got there, it’s quite undeveloped compared to Brisbane or Melbourne which probably explains the drastic change of population. When we explored the city we felt the essence of a big city however there was more business buildings than shops so it took us maybe 4 hours to walk around the whole of the city, so we went back to the beach and watched the sunset whilst reading our fortune cookies. HARLEY really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place however it was just too quiet to meet anyone which is probably why every backpacker says it isn’t the best place to stay if your staying Long term however perfect place to do your farm work with wine regions surrounding the circumference of Adelaide.

    The sunset was probably the best part about this place, it set perfectly in front of your eyes on the beach so I would recommend that however maybe you should ask the locals about the best things to do since I only spent two days there, I don’t have a lot of information. What I do know is this cute little Acai shop that do personalised bowls and smoothies made from fresh Acai, perfect way to start the day if you ask me,plus it’s straight across from the hostel.



    1. November 30, 2015 / 10:30 pm

      What an awesome sunset. Adelaide is a lovely city.

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