November 2015

Book of the month is finally here. Are you as excited as I am? Ive decided that I’m going to start writing more indepth with what I read and why. This month goes to a women who has changed the lives of millions by her own true story. Even Oprah wanted to scream how good the book was from the rooftops.

Wild was first introduced to me when I saw a picture on Instagram of Reece Witherspoon wearing a backpack during the filming of the movie saying how hard but rewarding the experience was.I totally forgot about it after that but then came the moment of truth when I stepped into my first book store in Australia to find the book on the first shelf. It was like $34 dollars so I didn’t actually end up buying it then but instead got this other book which looked interesting but not as compelling as Wild. Whilst reading my new book  I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing Wild looked and felt in my palms at the shop so I went and bought the book even with next to nothing, only to discover What a magical piece of fate that turned out to be.

The book itself is about a women who was so stuck in the mud after her mother passed and affairs on her husband she felt like she needed a way out and The Percific Crest Trail was it. It tells the story of the challenges she faces during her adventure, the people she meets and the places she goes, it’s a really uplifting novel that brings you to tears at moments and clings on to the next. I recomend this book to all people especially travellers out there because it gives you a soft look at life that not a lot of people will ever see or deal with, in a women’s point of view which she gives full honesty in when describing her journey.

I am currently camping out at Streaky Bay, part of our long road trip from melbourne to Perth. Weirdly enough I have encountered some of the situations shes been in in The book which felt like in a way I was connected to her story. It’s really weird but what I’m trying to say is that not every journey is ever what you expect, you see the good the bad and the ugly throughout your trip and it makes you what you are today, Strong.


4 thoughts on “November 2015

    1. Great thanks for reading. Streaky bay is a very sweet town, there aren’t very many shops and maybe a one or two pubs. The beach is quit pretty to walk around too, just a short drive from there is the seal ion and dolphin swim I totally recommend it

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