Melbourne – St Kilda/Fitzroy 

We started our adventure in the hostel in St kilda so here’s a quick post about what we go up to. When we first arrived me and luke ventured out towards the beach which was known very famously by hippies, youngsters and gangsters. It’s hip vibe creates an Atmosphere which everyone wants to be apart of. The beach itself is very beautiful however it’s not on my top ten, we spent a couple of hours walking up and down the strips of shops that vary in colour, style and genre. Then we went to the famous Luna park to see what the perk was, the place itself is very creative however the rides and layout of the park is very old. Luke and I spent quite Abit of time and money trying to win an iPad off one of those machines with the claw. 

Overall the day spent was well spent if you ask me the only thing we weren’t prepared for was the wind. My God it was freezing. We had been told by friends that the weather changes rapidly, little did we know that they weren’t lying.There is also a pier where if you go past the house on the very end there is a small observatory that lets you view penguins walk out onto the beach at sunset.That part of the pier is part of the governments property so I wouldn’t try and pet any if I were you. (Fairypenguins their known as)

St kilda and Fitzroy are known by all backpackers to be the best place to stay in Melbourne, some of our friends who have stayed in Melbourne’s hostels say that majority of the hostels in the city centre are dirty and full of bedbugs, not my style if you ask me. When we ventured out to Fitzroy on my day off we found that as cool as Fitzroy was we pretty much just walked around a huge street filled with shops and cafes. I think you need to have a bunch of locals to enjoy this area.We went into this Mexican one which served the best veggie burrito I’ve had in my life. Other than that Fitzroy is just a major place for shopping and bar hopping. Cool but collected. 

On one of our trips to a vegitarian cafe in St kilda we were notified of the stupendous cakes shops that line up with the Main Street, which after our meal we headed straight for with no regret. I bought a lemon slice which was $5,  price but awesome cake! I recommend it to anyone passing by or whoever’s hungry, there’s quite a few so have a look around.

Last but not least when lousia came to visit from Perth we spent the whole day exploring the main city and its tourists attractions but then at night lousia took us somewhere we never dreamed of going. Lentil as anything. This place was situated in a nuns convent surrounded by hippies just St outside of the city.When we finally found the entrance we went inside to be greeted with a self serve vegan buffet in the middle of this art filled room with a jazz band and Tom&Jerry playing on a screen in the background. I can honestly say that it was one of the most interesting cafes I’ve ever been too. The best part about it was the fact you could pay as much as you liked and that was ok. How cool is that? This is why we love lousia because she just has the best ideas .

Tuesday 22nd September-Friday 6th November 2015


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