Melbourne – Chapel Street

Melbourne, my dear Melbourne, how great you was to thee. Melbourne was our location on the 22nd September to meet my brother who was joining us on his first adventure alone.

  Firstly we stayed in this hostel called hotel barkly which was Situated about 5 minutes away from St kilda beach. The hostel itself was quite surprising, from the outside you expected it to be a party hostel from the bar and beer benches placed outside the front door, however when you get inside the staff were happy, friendly  and over all the place was clean. We spent our first night in a double bed room which was hotel like, mini fridge, personal shower and complimentary towels and soaps which if you know me I love free stuff.

During our nights in the hostel we met three Scottish people, Connie,Cammy and Jamie who we ended up sharing a house with, love at first sight I guess. As great as the hostel and our roommates were the beds were not. The mattress was a cheap foam bed with bedbugs……. We found one on Harley’s before he arrived and they are not pretty, so maybe before you book your hostel read the reviews first. Anyway after we met Harley and had a indepth conversation about life and future plans we decided it was time to explore the wonder that is Melbourne.


On our first day we ventured out into the big city which was technically bigger than London, you can understand the size when I say I got lost down the numerous amounts of streets and alleyways. We stopped at Hoiser lane the most iconic lane in Melbourne filled with graphetti and art. Then we went the the famous lane ways which are tiny lanes filled with cafes and shops in such a tight nip space. The food Varied between $5 soup stalls to a restaurant where the chairs were so small they were practically baby stools. This part of of Melbourne was my favourite, it gave me that New York sense of feel because of the people rushing around constantly shopping or eating. Magical.

At first we spent our days just walking around different locations, exploring and just spending money because that’s all you can really do in Melbourne. After we started to run out of money, plus we were getting sick of hostels we decided to get a share house and settle into a job which I got straight away luckily at this place called yayachicas on chapel street.

Melbourne is one of those places where years could go by and you would still be content with your everyday life. It’s pretty similar to home if you ask me but there is way more coffee shops and hundreds more events going one every weekend. Let’s just say you will never get bored living in Melbourne.

Chapel street 

Chapel street is known for its long stretch of pretty much every shop you could imagine with a numerous amount of cafes, bars and restaurants squared inbetween.  It’s definitely a smaller version of Melbourne and this is the place where I started my Arieal yoga. My reconmendation for cafes and restaurants on this street is Mr Miyagi. This place is fairly new with its Japanese Style, it’s more of share plate kind of experience with a weirdly wonderful menu. Best to book online as this place gets packed pretty quick. A cute cafe on this street where all the hipsters seem to go is Tusk. Tusk is know for its chilled vibes and outdoor tree montage that surrounds you when you eat, it also offers meals at night for a good deal however just buy a coffee and indulge in people watching that’s what I reconmend.


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