• Camping 101 

    As I’m sat on the bench at our campsite getting eaten alive by ants , I felt this was the right time to talk about our trip so far. This post however was more about the prep of our month long trip from Melbourne to Perth via the great ocean road than it is about the journey.
    So when we first set off on Friday morning we had a list ready made. This became an essential to us when equipment broke down and items went missing which of course happens to everyone. Here are a few off the list which I found incredibly useful, camping isn’t just for the hobos its for people like us too.

    1. Always, always and one more always bring more water than you need, Australia is known for its harsh living conditions and trust me when you’ve been hanging your head out of the window for Abit or when you’ve just hiked mount Oberon (details in hikes to do in Wilsons Prom National Park & Victoria’s top hikes post’s.) Water goes along way when you have broken down, I’ve heard scary stories which could of been avoided with a bottle of fresh water.

    2.      Tents are a must if you are not camping in your car but the more important issue is the sleeping bag. Temperatures vary everyday, Australia isn’t always the vast tropical paradise everyone dreams it would be. Buy a good quality sleeping bag from your nearist GoOutdoors or Kathmandu. It saves layering up and gives you a better sleep during all conditions.
    3.      Headtoarch – don’t be stupid when it’s dark thinking your night vision is on point. Unless you can see perfectly in the dark I reconmend buying one $5.99 from your local camping store if you want a cheap option, the price varies on how amazing you want your light to be, no joke.
    4.    Coconut oil. I kid you not. You will spend days where you will not shower or mosturise after the long days in the sun you need something to give your skin a boost from all of the harsh treatment . This is your miracle in a jar, it’s perfect to mosturise your skin when your burnt, keeps your system running smoothly if you add a small amount of  it to your meals and it’s great for your hair before you finally have that shower after 4 days, trust me with long hair here, 30 minute hair mask befor your shower or just on the tips for those Dead ends that need a bit of TLC (details on  Coconut Oil – every girls must post) noodles with a twist I like to say. Usually $5-10 varying 
    5.      Insect repellent/insect bite cream. They are everywhere, in your socks, in your food and all up on your skin in the dark. Don’t be bit be safe – advert material.
    6.      A sense of humour, no camping trip is fun when you spend the day in the car crying about your hygiene just get out there and have fun, you might never get that moment again so enjoy and just be crazy.

    Leading on from point six, there are few problems that I need to work on in myself. Not everyone enjoys the camping life, o know it’s big change from my day to day traveling life but this is your time to do something allegal or just crazy depending on your personality, break through that ice that is your comfort zone and swim with the Sharks.
    Enjoy your camping trip x


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