• Reasons why you should travel before your 30

    Growing old is life, you deal with it and move on, however a lot of people past and present have always told me to travel whilst I’m young, it’s not because you can’t do anything when your 30, I know a woman who’s in her 60s and she does yoga, Pilates and travels the world weekly, it’s about learning about the planet you live on and creating that independence within yourself whilst your still free from responsibilities.

    1. When your young you have your whole life to work hard, take this chance now and find yourself before you loose yourself In work, family and everything else.
    2. You make so many friends because you have too or you get lonely, you don’t want to be that creepy old dude who tries to make friends with you in the club
    3. Your body is at that point where the damage can be done with minimal consequences
    4. Your so much more open to the world because your so oblivious to it
    5. You have no responsibilities
    6. No certain career path gives you so many choices to reinvent yourself and follow your dreams
    7. You may or may not be married if not go with the flow
    8. To embrace different coultures
    9. Start a whole new life in a different place, when your 30 starting over isn’t always what it plans out to be.
    10. Climbing mountains, some can do it at the age of 30 majority can not
    11. Sharing dorms with crazy people. It’s funny for us not for people who like the comforts of home eg when your 30
    12. Being broke is a daily issue which gets resolved with crappy cash in hand jobs however when you’ve been used to a weekly wage and money in the bank this could be the issue for you
    13. Valuables arnt valuable anymore.
    14.  There are no expectations when your young so go crazy.

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