• Girlboss Workshop – Steph Prem – CEO/Founder of Premium Performance

    Whilst your travelling I have learnt to take advantage of every free event other countries have to offer like, juices for example in Australia are so much healthier and cheaper than they are in the UK, plus everyone wants to get on that health crave and if your seen with a green smoothie in one hand and yoga leggings, you will be respected. Another thing is the amount of yoga Australia happens to offer out here, there are free gym trials, yoga workshops and just plain jamming everywhere so why not indulge in it while you can?

    Anyway as I was saying, free things are like heaven to us english folk so when I saw the opportunity to meet 3 girl bosses  in a funky studio with freebies you can imagine my expression. This was not a free event however it was an event that was worth going to.

    So the three main bosses were:
    Steph Prem – Premium Performance and studio PP @premiumperformance
    Natalie Warner – Green Street Juice @greenstreetjuice
    Nicole Prasad – ProPlenish  @proplenish

    I will start from the beginning with Steph. She started out as a snowboarder working her way up to the olympic world cup finals in Italy 2010 where after a huge fall on the snow her life was changed forever. She started talking to us about how she recovered from such terrible accident, during that transition she created her own pilate studio and personal training program called Premium Performance, at the age of 29 too.

    Steph always said she loved fitness, it was her true calling in life so when she broke her back she had to rethink her whole life plan which luckily all came together during her recover period. During the talk she says about how she looked for the signs whilst she was in rehabilitation, she is a big believer in gut instincts, no matter how crazy an idea was she would follow her gut 100% and thats how Premium Performance was born.

    Steph: you will get bad days in your business and you will get amazing days, its the good that has to outweigh the bad else its not worth it. She recalls having to arrange PTs at 6am with people and they wouldn’t even turn up. Steph: you just have to be positive because if you stand there in the rain you will get wet and miserable but if you think positive you create a whole new way of thinking and clientele wont stand you up a second time so keep doing them laps even if its just you, you never know who’s watching.

    Steph’s rules of running a business

    1. Be prepared for no social life…. whatsoever, family, friends and partners are no existant.
    2. You need a good support team through the bad days and the good.
    3. Be prepared to have no money. Running businesses are never money makers at the beginning, you have to do it for the love and only the love.
    5. Always have a positive head space, always.
    6. Ask questions because no one knows everything especially when it comes to running a business
    7. Put your priorities in your diary, make it a non-negotiable so you have to do it every day.

    To make a point on this she talks about creating a routine for yourself that you have to pencil in your diary every day so no matter what you cant miss out on that certain event, whether it be 1 hour of exercise a day: too many people including me make the mistake of not putting fitness first however to be successful you have to create time for yourself, too much work and not enough play ends in disaster, Or a meeting with people who can possible help with your business, lastly it might just be to grab a juice or a piece of cake that you have been longing for. Don’t leave yourself hanging, create a system where its not an option to remove it but to reschedule it.
    Controlling your stress when starting a business is one the main priorities because your brain can become completely overwhelmed with all the amazing and wonderful things that when you hit a brick you panic, never stress. Steph says to control your stress is to control your non-negotiables, when life has balance, stress is not needed.
    Short sweet and simple……


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