• Perth

    Instead of loads of long posts I am going to put Perth into one. It all started on Tuesday 15th after getting off a flight from Alice springs, we took a uber with our new friends from Alice, dropped them off in the city then headed to Sam & Ags house, which would be home for the next 6 days.

    DAY 1:
    Their house is a located in a very beautiful area in Fremantle, Perth. For the first part of the day we spent it getting to know the family as I have never met this side of Luke’s family before and Luke had only met them once, they also have two adorable kids that I want to eat up because they are so cute! Later that day we headed into Fremantle harbour to check out one of the many beaches in Perth, whilst having a cold beer and ice cream , a perfect way to end the day.
    DAY 2:
    Ag was our tour guide for the day, so she took us out to Cottesloe beach to build sandcastle’s with the kids and just show us some of the areas around Perth. Perth is a mix of Manchester/London/Blackpool all in one but ten times nicer and cleaner. You can tell im starting to miss home when I start comparing Perth to my home town. If you get to check out one beach it should be Cottesloe beach as it’s picturesque scenery is to die for, also the bars are at the perfect point on the beach where you can sit and sip on a glass of wine and just enjoy the sunset.
    Rottnest Island
    DAY 3: 
    This was my favourite day as we spent the day on Sam’s boat, driving to Rottnest Island to see the most amazing beach and the cutest Quokkas EVER. Ps a Quokka is the happiest animal alive, they just smile all the time, they are a mix between a kangaroo and a rat so don’t be scared just pet them and take a selfie. I also got to drive the boat on the crystal clear water too, bear in mind sunglasses are a must when driving with an open window.
    The beach is how you imagined the sand would be, elegant white with no sign of rubbish or tourist’s and for the water, WOW. It was pretty cold so we didn’t get to go scuba diving however in December it is a must, trust me. We spent the day relaxing by the crystal clear water, eating ice-cream and feeding Quokkas. To end the perfect day we sped off on into the sunset with a dolphin on our tail. AMAZING……
    Perth is such an exciting place, even though it is still developing the city and the suburbs surrounding it, they are so up to date with the latest bars and trends. We went to one called Strange company which was set inside a garage with tapas as the menu and dim lighting to get the feel of being under the stars, I recommend it 100%

    DAY 4: 
    Today was just was just about exploring, however the exploring was at a minimum because it was cold and windy. We took out Sam’s car for the day to find some beaches and surf the hell out of the waves, however the water being in the minuses and we didn’t have a swimsuit I put off the surfing only to watch Luke attempt it. The beaches were incredible though, full of life and surfing I just wish it was warmer so we could have enjoyed the sand and sea more than we did the car seats. Anyway was awesome day!
    That night we had a reunion with our friend Louisa and her partner Martin at the Raw Kitchen which I had been wanting to visit for such a long time. It’s rare that you will find a complete vegan menu at some places so I fully indulged in what might be my only vegan food for a while. They also have a yoga studio upstairs which is a complete bonus for me.

    Day 5/6:
    We spent the last two days exploring the city centre and the surroundings of Perth while we could, we honestly felt at home here with some friends and family so we have decided to come back for christmas and do some more boat rides, snorkelling, and best of all spending the christmas season with people I know! This trip was one of my favourite experiences, we also went to a wine cellar with Sam and the kids, a chocolate factory, explored a national park and so much more, Perth is definitely on the top of my list so explore it for yourself if you get the chance.
    Tuesday 15th September – Monday 22nd September 2015


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