• Why everyone should try yoga at least once in their lives.

    The answer is always: “Im not flexible” or  “I don’t like it” or the usual “Yoga’s boring, all you do is bend over for a few times”. Now I am not a yoga instructor in any way or a life coach so everything in this post is just my opinion.

    Why should you try yoga at least once in your life?

    1.  Yoga isn’t just for people who want to relax or become more flexible, yoga is an art form which is highly regarded as exercise, no pain no gain and the best part is that you become mega flexible as a bonus.
    2. Stress comes to us all naturally, through work and relationships, yoga is taught in such a way that you forget everything on your mind at that moment and become totally transfixed with the exercises.
    3. Yoga isn’t for the weak hearted, it takes time and patience.
    4. Any age can do it, I have witnessed this with my own eyes.


    1. There are so many different forms of yoga for example: meditation, flow, vinyasa, Yin, restore, Hath and my personal favourite is ariel yoga etc.
    2. Yoga is proven to bring more calmness to your life which in this hectic world is a god send.
    3. You are 100 percent involved with the class, no mobile distractions, no work and no annoying partners to deal with. Just you, the teacher and the smell of essential oils.
    4. Yoga can be done with your partner too, you either get more impressive in the bedroom or you get a serious giggle when your partner tries to do headstands.
    5. You feel incredible afterwards.
    6. It’s a convenient sport to fit into a hectic lifestyle if you have one, even Cara Delevingne found peace when she took up yoga during her busy schedule.



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