Why notebooks are a travellers best friend.

Many of you already know the essentials to take with you when travelling from my previous post, well here’s one item I don’t think I could live without:


The thing is when you are travelling you have reached this sense of independence within yourself which you wouldn’t have accomplished unless you moved out at 16 with a full-time job and kids, however when you reach that point you realise how important it is not to forget crucial information like flights, appointments and dates with complete strangers who you probably won’t speak to again. This is where the notepad comes in, you need a sense of stability when travelling, sure you can go crazy for the first few months with no care in the world but at some point reality is going to hit you in the face and you will need to be ready for it.

Notebooks/pads/diary/journal whatever you call it is a crucial item when you get that smack off reality, I now cant live with out mine as it holds every important detail of my life inside ,whether it be blog ideas, passwords for every account I own or a list of items I need to buy when I next go shopping. I have met so many travellers who use it as a reminder for flights numbers, details for tax file numbers or even just writing down the hours they work at the crappy cafe down the road.  The point is to make sure you carry one with you, you can still be hobo if you like just keep your pad by your side.

This post is about the importance of carry some form of writing with you at all cost’s, you never know when genius is going to strike and with that you need to be ready with a pen in one hand and pad in the other.


8 thoughts on “Why notebooks are a travellers best friend.

  1. Two things that you would always find with me anywhere I go, a writing pad, could be very small, depending on my purse or bag and a pen. Lol. I can’t do without both. The joy of scribbling stuffs on them like sticky notes. I have a pile of them filled with so much vital information I have forgotten about. If I do miss carrying a notepad, chances are I will scribble on anything I have on my that I can write on. Paper money inclusive.

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