• Pros Of Travelling As A Couple

    Many people ask me, so how is travelling with Luke? My answer is always the same  AMAZINGLYGREATWITHCHERRIESONTOP, WHY? I see so many posts on social media stating that travelling alone is far more exciting than travelling in a couple, well people here are a few pros about being in a different country with the person you love……..


    1. The most important pro is having someone you love there for every special moment of your trip.
    2. You will never get lonely, you always have a travel buddy when it comes to picking partners for bunk beds, when you move from hostel to hostel seeing one face after the another, you will be grateful to have that one familiar face everyday.
    3. CUDDLEING 24/7
    4. You always have someone to put sun creme on your back, no more back burns!
    5. Being broke is no longer an issue, money is a joint problem whether you have been together for a year or 70, whats your problem is now theirs.
    6. SEX all day, everyday.
    8. Trying new things is always scary, some moments you need to experience by yourself don’t get me wrong, however having someone you trust there during those scary moments is always a positive
    9. Decision making is always brought up as a con however if you and your partner are pretty much in tune with each other decision making is one of the best parts of travelling together.
    10. I know so many travellers who haven’t experienced the most out of their journey because of issues with confidence and self esteem, well cry no more, when having a partner trying new experiences becomes a new way of life, it develops you as people which in time creates a greater foundation for your relationship.
    11. Not only does your life become an adventure but your whole relationship becomes a crazy rollercoaster of which when your friends ask about how you both are doing, we respond to “I JUST SAW LUKE JUMP OUT OF A PLANE WTF”
    12. Finally every friend you make, places you go, you will always be compared to as a WHOLE. We this…. We that……. We miss you…… How are you both……. thats when you know you have found a keeper.

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