October 2015

This month is dedicated to the most incredible writer of our generation, John Green. John was previously known for his award winning novel:


I have both read and seen the film for this novel and it gives me shivers and tears all at the same time HOWEVER, this book of the month is not dedicated towards his first book however it is dedicated to debut novel.


My partner found this book at a hostel and suggested that I read it, luckily for me I dived straight into it and it was incredible. The whole book has you on edge from page one which for me is the deal breaker. This book is about a boy called Pudge who is looking for his great perhaps, little did he know it was right in front of him all along. This book will have you staying up all night to finish it, you won’t want to fall asleep until you have figured out what actually happened and thats the beauty of it! It is one of his finer works and Im sure we will be seeing him a lot more of him.

Ps look at the cover once you have read the book and you will notice something ……….


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