• Red Centre 5/5

    To begin our last day with the Mulgas tour we decided to get up early (no s***)  to see the sunrise behind Ayes Rock, This moment was just phenomenal in so many ways. The reason behind it was not just the picturesque moment of watching something many people wont ever see in their lifetimes, but the feeling of just being there in that perfect momentum.

    We spend so much of our lives just whizzing past everything thats important, we prioritise ourselves to the point that we actual miss the real parts of life, I know this lecture is given almost ten times a day but when we arrived on that sunday I wasn’t feeling particularly special but something brought my senses out from the cobwebs of my body and I was fully aware of my life and the situation I was currently in, I know for a fact I haven’t felt like this since I last preformed. Its a valuable feeling that most of us block out when we have busy lives but when you hit that moment of realisation you almost stumble with the emotions that flush through your body at that point, it made me realise that I want to feel this tranquil everyday of my life, I want to achieve my goals as much as the next person but I want to live first.

    Anyway rant over. We hiked the 10.2km walk around the rock, no one wanted to climb the rock out of respect plus it looked pretty damn high from starring at it. It took us a good 3 hours to walk the whole track with the golden light grazing our cold faces and afterwards we were greeted by our tour guide who explained about the aboriginal culture surrounding the rock, I would go into detail but I have my own opinions about it so its best if you do the research or even better just go on the tour!

    As the heat hit the window on the way back the bus was full of laughter and face-booking each other, reflecting on the trip caused so many emotions that people were either sleeping or crying, I loved this trip in so many ways of which you can read from my previous entries. Overall The Mulgas tour changed something in me which I cant explain in words just now but maybe one day, all I can say now is live your life, Stop worrying as much and just love who you are as person because no one can replace you, being you is what makes your life so much more exciting.


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