• Red Centre 3/5

    Today we set off to embark on our first walk of the tour, we had finally reached one of our destinations so why not explore it hey?

    Kings Canyon was the first stop of the trip for a 7.2km hike, roughly 3 hour walk in the heat of the day. These kind of places make you really appreciate natures natural beauty. Everywhere we looked we could see the vast horizon which was transfixing when you finally got to the top of the Kings Canyon. We had made friends with everyone on our tour at this point so yoga pictures were taken left right and centre, to top it all off Bruce Baby had prepared me a veggie sandwich.

    If you have never heard of a swag it is basically a sleeping bag which has got a built in mattress that zips all around you like a cocoon, sounds comfy right? WRONG…… When traveling to the outback make sure you pack the best sleeping you can find because no matter how hot the Outback is, you will freeze over night, trust me.

    We spent the night singing songs by the campfire, watching the stars and playing who can tell the most embarrassing story which by a huge vote went to our swedish friend Nick who got inappropriately touched by a ghost. If there is anything you should do while your travelling around Australia is do this tour, even if you do it yourself! Buy a swag, camp out in front of the stars with a campfire whilst singing crazy songs with your friends. The feeling is a mixture of blessed and amazed all in one. Friends are important when your travelling, you need to be able to enjoy the experience with great people because in one way people make the experience better, don’t get me wrong travelling by yourself is great but you need them kind people to make it Legendary.


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