• Red Centre 2/5

    Wake up call was around 4:30am pretty much every morning , just a heads up. Today we had 950 Kilometres to do in a hot, sweaty bus but it made it all worth while when we finally got to Alice Springs! This chapter is quite small because of the length of driving we had to do so Il keep it short and sweet for you.

    We made it to only Devils Marbles on this day, apart from all of the stops for food and public restrooms. Devils Marbles is another secluded area on the way to Alice which contains quite a few boulders, not just any boulder though, famous boulders! These Rocks were apparently created after there was a huge volcanic eruption and these rocks formed out of the lava when it melted then frozen over night. Cool right? These rocks were quite high up, so glancing from a distance seemed the best thing to do at this point. The place itself is like you see in the horror movies though, surrounded by nothing but bush and dry grass and pure sunlight. If you are ever making the journey to Alice from Darwin by car, you should always carry extra food, water and fuel. This place is where people can die within a day.
    Thursday 10th September 2015 


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