• Red Centre 1/5

    So our bus was picking Luke and I up at 6am from our Darwin hostel  to depart for our 5 day tour to Alice Springs and Uluru.

    Lucky for us we had a driver who just wanted to have a good time, but who was also very late when it came to picking us up. We spent the first day more or less driving which sucked but also gave us time to get to know the people on our trip which is where I met my friend Natalie, We made our first stop after 4 hours at Edith Water falls.

    Edith is a very secluded space with quite a bit of nature surrounding it, we were hot and stuffy after the long drive so we thought it was time for a swim in the crystal clear waters. After a good long swim and a drink of solo we headed back to the  bus to enjoy another long journey to Katharine where unfortunately there wasn’t much to say about her except she had a Woolworth’s.
    On the last leg of our journey we headed another 6 hours to Matarankn Hot Springs, this place is basically a beautifully preserved swamp. As me and my new best friend Natalie swam against the tide we were constantly dodging pieces of mud, seaweed and other objects which I can’t really describe. It was hot though, you wouldn’t expect the temperature to be what it is when it’s in the middle of nowhere.

    Day one was nearly coming to a close with the night falling softly. We headed to our last stop at Daly’s Waters where I think, if I remember correctly the population was about 12 people. It had a gas station, a pub and a few motel style looking rooms. Did you know that all twelve people who live there work at the pub ? FUN FACT! We played road bowling for a while, explored the one man jail that they had there and starred at the stars for a good long hour, the perfect end to a long day.
    Wednesday 9th September 2015 


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