• Litchfield National Park

    We set off bright and early from our house/campsite to start our new adventure to Litchfield National park.

    When people say Australia is a massive country, they are right in every way. Trying to figure out which highway to go on when the roads are millions of miles long is quite a task, especially if I am the navigator.

    Rule one of travelling with Tyler is ALWAYS CARRY A SATNAV

    I am great person in quite a lot of personal areas however reading maps is not my strongest point and luke can vouch for that.
    Anyway after a long argument and quite a few stops we found a sign directing us to the national park, little did we know this was a 42 kilometre dirt road in the middle of what seemed nowhere. This trip was full of house music, arguments and the odd panic attack. Best Trip EVER…..

    Im only joking it was super funny because as I was panicking thinking we would run out of fuel and get hacked to death by a funky hitch hiker but luke was the life of the party, god I am happy I had him here with me.
    After passing the real sign to Litchfield 4 hours later, we finally came to our first stop which was Wangi Falls. This place was the most magical of all places, it made the long journey and half a body of sunburn worth the while. We first did the tourist thing and took all of these magical photos but then we jumped in. WOW. Jumping into a cold lake filled with huge fish passing through your feet every five minutes was incredible, we swam towards the water fall and just felt the water fall upon our burnt faces.
    When the water started getting full of old people we knew it was time to leave this magical kingdom. We got back into MARY (Our campervan) we headed to our next destination which was Tolmer Falls. Tolmer was more picturesque than swimming. You overlooked the majority of the Park whilst glancing down at the majestic falls beneath you. It was beautiful but only worth 5/6 minutes of your time.
    Next on the list was Buley Rockholes. This place is exactly what the title says, Rocks. These rocks formed a perfect seating area in some places, pools in others and most of all a great place to have a picnic. As we floated around this crowded area we found some great places to sit and just relax on the rock floors whilst the water trickled around us.
    This was the perfect stop before our last stop which was Florence Falls to end the night and camp out. Florence was a huge double waterfall which was clear as crystals, bright green florescent light shining against what was turning out to be a sunset in the distance. Quite secluded we spent around 1 hour here just enjoying the water and just the pureness of nature then we headed for our campsite to unpack and sleep. We had a stove and a microwave with our campervan which was awesome however when your camping you really just want to be one with nature. Just throwing that out there.
    The night was coming fast and we had quite a few neighbours so we packed up and set up our bed in the campervan. Rule one of the camping , always bring mosquito repellent.  The night was warm and we were exhausted so we slept.
    We set off at the crack of dawn with nothing to lose so we headed towards the nearest Crocodile feeding place, why not hey? 3 Hours down the line we got lost twice and then resurfaced to the crocodile place just in time for the ferry. We spent the whole hour feeding them, getting up close and personal with 6 meter crocodiles who’s only interest was the meat on our bones. It was the most incredible experience and the best part was that all of these crocs were in there homeland and not in zoos. To end our fabulous journey we left the crocs and headed towards the hostel to wait for our next exploration.
    A great 2 days, one of my favourite memories with my favourite person. Forever blessed.
    In 8 hours we will be on another bus but heading towards the outback…..
    Monday 7th – Tuesday 8th September 2015


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