• Darwin – Mindil Beach

    This post is quite late however Ive been extremely busy this past week with traveling to four destinations with no wifi.

    So we started packing for our new adventure to Darwin after a long four months in Cairns, our hopes were high and our feet were itchy to travel. After we arrived from the airport we got an extremely expensive taxi ride to the caravan site were we picked our very first ride. Just a quick tip here, don’t ask Australian taxi drivers how much to a destination when they have a meter because they will rip you off and thats exactly what happened to us.
    We had half a Sunday to spare so we decided to go and check out the great Mindil markets on Mindil beach. The markets are only open on Sunday’s and Thursday’s bare in mind so we got quite lucky. After venturing to the beach we walked around the numerous amounts of food stalls varying from chinese to Indian to vegan dishes. It’s not just a food market, it also sells jewellery to paintings from aboriginal people and hand crafted sculptures, it really was an incredible place to spend a good couple of hours especially when the sun set.
    They also held quite a few music acts and fire performers during the market which kept a lot of the kids entertained and quite a few parents too. After Luke and I decided on a vegetarian curry we left the market and headed for the beach to watch the sunset with hundreds of other people. Watching the sunset on Mindil Beach is one of the many experiences that you have to witness whilst traveling Australia, its a series of reds, yellows and oranges that make up the perfect era. A great way to start a new adventure, Also another tip would be to find a camping spot before it gets dark, its a lot harder to search for when there are no street lights.



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