September 2015


This month is all about TIME for me, I’m currently set to move out of Cairns and travel around the rest of Australia in less than a month so trying to fit a book in was not part of the schedule, however I wondered into a charity shop recently and found The Life of Pi on the shelves just starring at me, for $3 you can’t really resist can you?

I bought the book on the 31st and it’s now the 2nd, I simply can not and will not put this book down! Yann Martel really made a huge effort in this book and you can tell with it’s creative story line and characters. Did I mention there’s a bengal tiger in the story? This book has to go up there as one of my favourites as it gives a whole new meaning to the world we live in and the religions we follow. It also shows how much courage one boy must have to go through one of the most horrific situations you can possibly imagine, It took wit, smart thinking and abit of luck but that was all he needed.

TIP: I would also recommend reading the book first as the film misses out quite abit of detail which is crucial to the storyline.


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