Book of the month – August 2015

I know its the end of August but I really wanted to start a category on what books have been by my side since I started travelling. I thought doing a post a month on my favourite book might encourage you guys out there to start trying new and interesting reads. I am a book worm down to my roots, any book with a shiny spine or an exceptional front cover will be in my bag before you know it (obviously paid for it first).

  1. Daring and Disruptive

I found this book accidentally online while scrolling through instagram. It was written by the CEO and Founder of The Collective magazine, Lisa Messenger. If any of you have had the chance to read the magazine its quite empowering to read. Its all about young entrepreneurs starting businesses not just in Australia but all over globe, trying to create a better future for me and you. It encourages you to get off your sofa and make your ideas a reality.


When I first looked onto Lisa’s page I thought it was one of those super cool instagram with thousands of followers but when I took a deeper look into what she is doing It created a sense of happiness and curiosity inside of me. The book is all bout how Lisa’s life began, the business life anyway and how she ended up on top of being one of the most popular magazines globally. The book was just as Inspiring as each one of her magazines.(I have loads, their addictive) When you starting reading it, she creates  ideas that I never knew I had, even my entrepreneur Boyfriend read the book and started noted down immediately creative ideas for his business.


I recommend you check the book out if you looking for some inspiration or just need a good powerful novel to get you moving. Its light and easy with some beautiful pieces of typography in there too.

Click on the title to be directed to amazon, hope you liked my post, it would be great to hear your comments on the book.


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