• Tips on Homesickness

    As many of you know, being away from home can be a tough situation. Your away from all of your comforts, your pets and most importantly your family and friends. I’ve been away for 7 months now, its been an incredibly hard journey for me because I’m that kind of girl who sets a routine out for herself and makes time for everything and everyone. If your anything like me being away from your animals is heartbreaking beyond content.
    Here are a few tips I’ve learnt from travelling that should help with those urges about missing home. 

    1. You have to travel to set your mind free and discover this beautiful world.

    My mum has always said that you have to do it now before you’ve figured out your career path or are working on it before it gets serious and you have too many responsibilities to take care of. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS FOR YOU WHILST YOUR STILL CAREFREE AND YOUNG.
    2.  Nothing will change.
    When I get them days where life seems to rubbing at the wrong ends and all you need is a chat from your best friends or parent. When you FaceTime them they always end up saying the same thing. EVERYTHING IS STILL THE SAME…… they say that because they want you to know that your the one with the fun life, they may have gotten a new haircut, boyfriend or dog but other than that a lot of people will be doing the same routine which you left them in.
    3.  FaceTime
    Always, Always, Always make room in your busy life for Facetime. Texting and calling when your time zones are completely opposite to each other is a huge problem when travelling, Either your up and their asleep or their at work and your not. You have to send the message wait for the reply and then FaceTime to have the conversation you need. I wouldn’t of made it this far if I relied on texting because sometimes you just need to look at the person you love and tell them that you miss them.
    4.  Keep yourself busy

    I used to spend the majority of my time on projects, in classes or just with my friends so I built up a system where I would always be doing something. When you go travelling everything is a mess, there are no routines, sometimes no friends and to make it worse you miss your old life back home (crazy I know but when your surroundings change you miss the simple life) I have found that constantly moving around wherever I am to keep my mind busy. Make conversation with people who you see on the street/beach, you could end up with a great friendship that your missing back home. Do exercise. Majority of people I’ve met whilst travelling do quite abit of running, not just to keep fit but to keep their minds occupied for a while. I found yoga is a really good time consumer, stress reliever and most of all it keeps my mind focused. Trying new activities that make your brain work a lot harder can keep you from focusing on the people you miss. Example:

    • Hiking.
    • Rock climbing.
    • Yoga/Pilates
    • Canoeing
    • Expeditions
    • Reading
    • swimming. 

    5. Postcards.
    These beauties were made for a very good purpose and that is to keep anyone who is far, far away from you updated on your latest adventures. I spend about $15 a month on postcards and posting them to family and friends across the globe. People love to not only hear about your adventures but have a sneak peak at what your surroundings are like too hence the picture on the front. Ever had no money or no signal to call up family members and be like ” So I went to the great barrier reef today”…… well thats exactly what these cards are for. You can post them whenever you like too so they get there on time for just about every occasion.  Trust me, people love getting surprise postcards through their mailboxes especially if they are in need of a pick-me-up-my-daughters-in-australia kinda mood.


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