• East Coast – Cairns

    So to recap, Luke and I have been traveling for 3 months now up the East Coast of Australia, Its been one heck of a journey to say I was expecting something completely different. We finally arrived in Cairns in April to start looking for work and to settle down with our friends that were residing in Cairns already. Im not going to spell out every single day for you but to put it down to a sum heres whats we have done over the past 4 months…..

    The great barrier reef. When we first arrived in Cairns the first sight to see was the reef itself, known as an international landmark to some of the great wonders of the underwater world. We got out of bed at 6am to set off and get registered at the harbour point, where the crew were waiting to greet everyone on board. During the crazy waves and tuning of the boat we had a quick lesson on scuba diving and how to breath, they kept emphasising how important the breathing was and there was a reason for this. When we finally arrived at our spot we got separated into groups of who would scuba dive first and who would snorkel, luckily for us we were scuba diving first. There is a reason why the reef is so incredibly known, and thats because of its spectacular coral and marine life living beneath our feet. As the sun grazed down on us it was finally time to enter the water.
    At first I couldn’t get the hang of breathing just threw my mouth and it took me a good few seconds to calm down when I was panicking. See the worst part about scuba diving is that you can’t just swim to the top when you have trouble underneath you have to use sign language to your instructor then slowly inflate your jacket to the surface of the water. Luckily my instructor was patient and waiting until I could do it but only holding my nose. (Hence all of the pictures underwater holding my nose). Luke seemed totally fine with it all and kept the footage updated. The boat then offered a fine cuisine after our exhausting antics. Over all this day was incredible minus the panic attacks under water, everything was perfect and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

    During our time in Cairns we lived with our friends the Swedish, Mattea, Dan, Eva and joe at some point, all huddling in one hostel (Global) watching movies, going out and over all living the Cairns life as they say. After two weeks I managed to secure two jobs which is unheard of in the small town that is Cairns however sadly I got fired from one, but I don’t really care anymore because I realised how bad that place actually was. Luke managed, after getting down to his last 30bucks to get a job at the Travel Bugs Travel Agents. He is now one of them guys that stands on the street and poaches people to spend their hard earned money on trips.

    This page is abit boring because we spent a lot of our time working so there isn’t much to say, we met some great buskers one day, which we now train with on tuesdays and thursdays and busk on sunday nights. There is a really great mix of dancers here, which inspires me in so many ways. I also found a yoga studio called yoga hub which I spent every sunday I could at, since my dancing is slacking in the classical way I have to abide by other ways now. Me and Luke rented our First house together on the outskirts of town sharing with a very strange couple who fight all the time and have meat for breakfast (If your reading this Im sorry but its weird)

    Cairns has been a blessing in ways and a curse in others, we seemed to have settled down in a town where people just want to get drunk every night and sleep during the day, fair enough to them but I didn’t come out here to waste my time drinking goon. I came to explore so Cairns really hit it hard for me, it made me angry and frustrated, but some times super happy and blessed so you have to do what you can to make good out of a bad situation. On a good note Cairns has taught me a lot about life and the choices you make, I am now secure on what I want to do with my life and I am willing to work hard for it, it has also encouraged me to travel to even the worst of places to find pieces of you that didn’t even exist beforehand.
    Now onto our next adventure which will be in the September post with lots more adventures to come.
    Sunday 26th April – Sunday 6th September 2015


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