• East Coast – Mission Beach

    We arrived in Mission Beach for One thing and one thing only…… SKYDIVE. I have to tell you booking a skydive is not as scary as the thought of it five hours before its due. Mission beach was a calm and very quiet town, Id probably say about 3 shops and a Woolworth’s was here but the beach is stunning. Its surrounded by palm trees for mile and miles however you cant swim in it because of jellyfish. After we settled down into our first YHA hostel we made friends with some people by the pool and spent the day relaxing and talking about the skydive. The thought of falling 14,000 ft from a plane with a guy strapped to me was not the best thought I have ever had but the adrenaline kicked in at that point and all I thought was that I was going to die. That night we went to the local bar where there was a quiz on for all of the travellers. I will always remember this night because we met this girl who joined our team from yorkshire who had chronic hiccups. She was the loveliest person and she made everyone laugh with her when she hiccupped, I had never heard anything like chronic hiccup’s before so talking to her all about it was really interesting. Also everyone participating in the quiz, one person from each table had to get up and have a dance off. Of course luke smashed it and it was like he was famous for the night, he even won a bottle of champagne because they loved him so much.
    The night soon ended and with the sun coming up with a new day, it was time to set off for our skydive. The wait was long, we got a shuttle bus to the base where you have to fill out all of the paperwork, get your harness on and then wait for your group to be taken to the plane. We had to wait 3 hours because on this certain day the wind had decided to blow in the wrong direction. Typical. We finally arrived at the airport where this tiny plane was waiting for about 15 of us, I kept my eyes glued to luke the whole time hoping this was not going to be the last time I saw him. After Boarding the plane we got strapped to our instructor on the floor which was super tight by the way. We sat opposite each other, me and luke to then be driven into the air with no way back. I have never shook as hard as I did on that plane, I told the instructor that Im sorry if I s*** myself but I couldn’t help it. The momentum was too much to handle.

    Mission beach

    Mission beach

    After a few dreading minutes the red light turned green and people were lining up to jump out of the plane. My heart dropped to the floor literally especially when luke was before me. I saw he scoot over towards the big door, I couldn’t breath at this point. Imagine watching the person you love fall out of a plane right in front of your eyes at 14,000ft…… his instructor was like 3,2,1 and then he jumped. As I am writing this I am shaking still, thinking about the experience. To this day 4 months down the line I still feel that feeling in my stomach every time I think about that moment. Then it was my turn. I crouched over the edge looking towards the bright blue sea beneath me, then my Instructor shouted ARE YOU READY?……. The next thing I knew I was flying through the air at what felt like 1000mph not breathing because of the shire shock of it all. I was being tapped on the shoulder to open my arms however because I wasn’t breathing, I couldn’t do it. After I had took into account that I was free falling and my brain was no longer in shock I took in a big breath and opened my arms like a bird. It was the most surreal experience you will ever have. EVER. After the free fall we opened the parachute and swirled around the beach looking over all of the great barrier reef. It didn’t take long to land after that which was also super fun, spinning and swirling around the sky until we hit the beach with a bang!

    Me and luke had such a high for the rest of the day, We couldnt even speak at some points just trying to rememeber it all over again. I was extremely happy to see luke on the ground and not dead as you can imagine. BEST DAY EVER……..
    If you ever do the skydive do it over the beach, its expensive but so worth the experience.
    Wednesday 22nd April – Thursday 23rd April 2015


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