• East Coast – Mackay

    This post is very short as we only spent 1 1/2 days here. On our first day we arrived in a very barren hostel with practically no one living there, even the front desk person wasn’t around for most of the day. After we had unpacked we had set off to explore the town, there was a man-made lagoon like the one in Brisbane only a lot smaller and less space to unwind, then we ventured down this long path towards a national park however we never made it that far because we were too busy sat on the beach watching people windsurf.
    We met a guy called morris who was in our 6 bed dorm, so altogether that equals 3 of us…. We spent time with him just chilling on the lagoon and walking around, he was basically doing the same thing as us, wasting some time before the Whitsunday’s trip. That night to finish it all off we had the best $5 cheesy pizza you can ever imagine!
    Saturday 12th April – Monday 14th April 2015


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