• East Coast – Airlie Beach/Whitsunday's

    I am combining these two post’s together because there wasn’t much to say about Airlie Beach. We arrived in Airlie on the monday after Mackay. This place was ten times quieter than the last, there was another man-made beach and a couple of shops thats pretty much it. Over the next couple of days we spent the majority of it relaxing on the beach and going to the markets. The more you travel up the coast the quieter it gets which for my city self was not great. We met up with our Swedish friends also for a night while they were waiting for their Whitsunday’s.

    When you book your Whitsunday’s don’t book it open dated because the likely hood of you getting to do it when you want is very low.

    We enjoyed our stay at our hostel though so make sure you get a good room or else you could be dealing with music in your ear every night until you leave.The Whitsunday’s is a trip everyone should do if they ever visit australia, Only because you wont experience anything like this especially on a boat too. We met the crew and the people on the Saturday mid afternoon, got our equipment all aboard and then ventured off into the sunset. The boat was quite large, as it fit like 21 of us on it with beds under the deck but no one dared sleep in there because of the cramped space that it was. Firstly I would like to say our boat was called Tongarra, Known as the chilled/party boat. Unfortunately we had the wrong version of people on our boat. Although our crew members tried their hardest to accommodate everyone, some people came on the boat thinking bed time was at 8pm and kind of ruined it for the rest of us wanting to stay up and socialise. Rule of the game, pick a good boat!!!

    Anyway, On our first glorious day we set out to sea on the Tongarra. The ocean was captivating by boat, May I mention that I hate boats but this one was very talented at keeping the swaying down to a minimum. The crew decided to take us sailing through the night so we were rocked to sleep by the crashing of the waves and the glitter of the stars above us. We were lucky enough to be able to sleep on the deck of the boat so before they put the tent up to sleep we sat under the stars and played games. Truly magnifying.
    On our second day we set off at 7am to reach the Whitsunday Island before anyone else, whilst everyone was waiting for their breakfast we saw little turtles popping their heads above the ocean roof and then going back under again. Apparently they do this every day which was completely amazing to watch then disappear. WOW.



    Arrived at the Island when every other boat was there which was a pity but ah well. We climbed the huge forest and over the bendy rocks to get to this crystal clear beach. If you have never seen the Whitsunday’s Island I recommend you type it up right now. It was more beautiful than Fraser Island if I say so myself. ( Whitehaven Beach) After the antics of taking photos spelling Whitsunday, me and Luke and a few other girls decided to explore the Island and landed on this little beach called Betty’s beach. It was like our own sanctuary of heaven. Pure sand and soft waves all around us. It really was a an unspeakable moment. We spent all of our time on that part of the beach then we trekked back to the boat to continue our journey to the snorkel spot. When you get to the look out on your way back down make sure you lick a green ants bum, I know sounds crazy  but do it, it tasted like citrus!

    Snorkelling was by far the best thing on this trip, I got bitten by george the fish. We saw the underwater world of sea-life, coral and the most magnificent caves filled with limestone. Our crew members threw fish food into the water right in front of Luke’s face at one point and I thought the fish were going to eat his whole head, the fish swarmed at you when they threw the food. Scariest but funniest thing ever. The sun was going down at this point so we swam back to the boat, I did experience the feeling of sharks around me when this happened but I subsided the thought before I drowned. Everyone was exhausted and burnt from all the swimming/trekking and were so ready for our delicious fish and chips!
    Bettys Beach

    Bettys Beach

    During the night when half the people when to sleep me and luke thought it would be funny to feed the fish on the side of the boat. We threw our garlic bread into the crystal clear water and then these strange flat fish arrived to digest it.The more Garlic bread thrown the more fish came, then out of nowhere a mini shark appeared attacking the fish we were feeding. At this point the whole boat had woken up and crammed onto one side of the boat. Then out of nowhere once the shark had left a dolphin graced us with its presence. I cant even explain how over joyed I was to see my first dolphin in the wild. I fell asleep next to luke that night with beautifies in my stomach, feeling dizzy and overall extremely happy. These moments were the reason we had come travelling.

    After an Energy filled trip we headed back to Airlie for our last night before our trip to mission beach tomorrow. In no words can explain how incredible the trip was, to have better people still would of been nice but overall Incredible. Just Incredible.
    Friday 17th April – Tuesday 21st April 2015


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