East Coast – Rockhampton

This journey was purposely made to visit Luke’s distant relatives. I had heard of stories about John and kate through the family and Facebook, now was the first time actually meeting them. We arrived late in the evening outside their apartment, waiting to be invited in. Their apartment was in a beautiful location based next to the river and opposite a good few hills.

view from the apartment
view from the apartment

On our very first morning me and Luke woke up feeling fresh and welcomed to our new accommodation, I said to him we should try and climb up that hill when we can, looking out of the window at the hills opposite and guess what,we did exactly that.But climbed down it instead. In our first bonding experience kate managed to drive us to the top of this huge hill overlooking the whole of Rockhampton, it was danger zone by mark but we trespassed anyway. We spent a good few hours trekking through Green Ants nests, bushes with thorns sticking out of them and relaxing in rivers that we came across every now and again. This experience was the first for me as I am not the biggest walker on the planet but enjoyed every minute of it. After the 3 hour expedition kate greeted me. Luke and John with some solo and ice-cream. (Kate rules)

The mountain we had to climb down
The mountain we had to climb down

We decided to go out for some celebratory drinks after our huge trek, where we met john and kates good friends, Majella and Aleisha seeds. It was pretty nerve racking at first meeting all these new people and having to give off a good first impression but the night was hilarious with dance offs and hand stands and way too much drinking. I must say one of the funniest nights out so far, thank you to john who catered for us the whole night too. As you can imagine the hangover lasted a very long time. However I must say I would not of survived with out the delicious breakfast John had made us and because luke was puking everywhere all day,I had his too. Unfortunately we missed out on a great evening with the family but girlfriend duties are duties.

Great Keppel Island
Great Keppel Island

The day after that me and luke ventured at 6:30am to the bus stop which took us to the ferry which cost $100 each may I say, to get to Great Keppel Island. The island was like a tropical paradise with palm trees in view, beach huts and thousands of blue beautifies. We ventured around the island as much as we could until we came to a great untouched spot on Monkey Beach. The water as you can imagine was crystal clear with tiny fish floating around the untouched coral. We spent a good few hours snorkelling that part of the island whilst getting a huge sunburn on my back. The reef is something I have thought about but never would of believed it would look as glorifying as it did on this day, The coral also is at some parts extremely sharp and cut me a few times whilst diving around too so watch out for that. Another good day ending with good food.

 Journey to Great Keppel Island
Journey to Great Keppel Island

Over the last few days we spent a night out eating the best curry with the family and pondering around botanic gardens, swimming in pools and overall having the best time. From reading through my journal about this week in particular still gives me good vibes and I can never thank them enough for all of the food and everything they did for us. I cant wait to see john and kate again and experience new adventures with them , by the way they gave us a bamboo towel which is a god send may I add, Its super soft and convenient for everything. Buy one……On the move to Mackay now for a short stop over…….

Sunday 5th April – Saturday 11th April 2015 


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