• East Coast – Agnes Water

    We arrived in the cool bananas hostel in the middle of the night after receiving a very funny journey from a women who said F****** in every sentence she could possibly make out. Our hostel was right in the centre of Agnes Water so we were literally two minutes away from everything. What you should know if your ever travelling to Australia is that sometimes there are places that you can stay for a while however there are some which you prey to god that you don’t. Agnes was one of those.
    Although it had an awesome beach, that was pretty much it, the town itself was tiny. We probably spent about 20 minutes and we had walked the circumference of the town. We spent a lot of time surfing, having surf lessons and drawing on the beach. This chapter is quite quiet compared to the others because we had just found out that our Whitsunday’s trip was delayed until 4 weeks from now so we had to kill some time and if anything a beach is the best way to do that.
    We met up with our Swedish friends here and booked our skydives together for when we get to mission beach. We then over the next couple of days met Dan (English) and his beloved Tia (Canadian) which may I say still to this day is a complication in itself. Me and Tia went to the local tattoo shop in town, rumour had it, if you sat naked you would get a free tattoo. It was an adventure waiting to happen. I spent such a long time with Tia deciding on what she should get and when the time came she was super nervous but as preppy as I am I edged her forward.
    The next day, me, the Swedish, Luke and Dan went surfing all day and then at night thought it would be a great idea to have a beach bonfire and roast marshmallows, which can I say it defiantly was. Good people, good scenery that is until the police came and we had to make a break for it. There was so much to love about that day which I will always cherish in my soul.
    During this period me and Luke spent a lot of our time working for accommodation, occasionally getting free pancakes from the french chief and the 7 dollar meals which were quite nice too. Working , even though it wasn’t real work was a downer during this time because after travelling for so long we didn’t want to stay in one place no matter how good the surf was.
    If you ever go here I recommend you take a bike up to 1770  to the top of the of the hill, the look out there was extremely beautiful plus, you would not believe how many beautifies there are up there, if you walk down through the rainforest to get back to the beach you will see thousands of blue ones just flying around. During this hike may I add, that me and luke shared a bike, in 40 degree heat up and down hills. It wasn’t the greatest idea but it was super funny. Also during this day we were walking back through the beach way to get to our hidden bikes, as we did this a snake fell out of the tree just behind us. Me and Tia were sure it was aiming for us, after it fell we stood still for a moment not knowing what to do then it slivered away like nothing had just happened……..
    If you walk up to where the library is there is an undiscovered beach behind it, its incredible. Me and Luke spent the whole day climbing rocks and skinny dipping in pure daylight, its a great way to get some privacy than being cramped into the busy main beach. After all is said and done we were finally leaving after nearly two weeks of working and surfing. As much fun as it was, I wouldn’t recommend staying there more than 3 days……….
    Saturday 21st March – saturday 4th April 2015


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