East Coast – Fraser Island – Rainbow beach.

Arrived in Fraser’s on Rainbow at around 7ish, got checked into our overly crowded room of like 12. The hostel was clearly made for partying with an indoor bar and pool tables however we were tired and not in the mood to party. However that is until we made friends with one of our fellow English meat, Megan and a guy from India. I was too tired and went to bed at 9ish whereas Luke created the party and stayed out.

Frasers On Rainbow hostel
Frasers On Rainbow hostel

We had our first meeting the day after about the trip, going over the safety procedures and how much alcohol you wish to take. We were lucky enough to have an awesome group full of canadians, germans and english folk. To get straight to the point we had a good session sliding down the sand dunes and then watching the sun go down over the whole of Rainbow beach with a bunch of cool people which really set my spirit alive for the trip.

Freezing lake
Freezing lake

All packed up and ready to go to Fraser, we had way too much stuff in our jeep however we managed and we set off with our first Canadian driver onto the road. The drive across the island and the ferry ride was extremely funny with jokes hitting the walls every minute , we stopped on the island for a cute picnic lunch were the scenery was pure sand and deadly shark filled waters. During our briefing we were told how dangerous this island was but to be fair it was far from it, we weren’t aloud in the ocean because of bull sharks that rip you to pieces then the dingo’s were not aloud to be touched because they liked eating babies and apparently there were huge snakes all around us , however seeing any didn’t happen.

First off we went to Lake Wabby because of the crazy amount of driving we had to do we only had time to fit in one sight that day and one heck of a party filled with dinosaurs and other drinking games. The campsite was amazing, full of tiny tents that fit like one person and showers that you could only use for 2 minutes.

The Crew
The Crew

We woke up the next day to our tour guide ( half Greek half Aussie ) singing to us on his ukulele, which may I add was a great wake up call. We set off driving again this time with Luke leading the way, we started at the champagne pools which were tiny pools full of natural water right next to the ocean full of salt water.

Champaign pools
Champagne pools

Such an incredible place, just to soak up the vibes really made me feel blessed. Then on to our next destination which was Indian head. Indian head was pretty much just a look out which was beautiful I’ll admit but it wasn’t a big adrenaline rush. It was known for being able to see sharks but yet again, no sharks appeared. Then we went home for party number two with loud and very bad music, a lot of drunk dancing and stealing biscuits.

During this whole trip we probably drove about 90 percent of the time because we were making our way across an island so please don’t think its all fun and games even though it was when we got out of the car…….

Lake Mackenzie
Lake Mackenzie

Once again woken up to the sweet sound of our crazy tour guide but at 6 this morning, the reason for this was to refresh our bodies for the long drive ahead with a quick pit stop at this lake which name slips my brain, anyway it was freezing, all natural water so you can drink it and a hot hot day. Last but not least we drove to the one and only Lake Mackenzie. It was one of the most beautiful places I will ever see, the lake its self was a crystal blue colour that you could see everything underneath you plus the sand was pure so we ended up brushing our teeth and hair with it. This was truly a day to remember. Great people, incredible sights and a sunburn that will last forever.

lake Warby
lake Wabby

I recommend this trip to anyone who wants to see what life’s really about, we dream about going to these places and when we actually turn up its far better than the pictures we created in our heads. A memory only made when you put yourself out there and I am grateful everyday to have done what I did when I got on that plane in January. Fraser Island

Next stop is Agnes Waters………

Tuesday 16th March  – Saturday 21st March 2015


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