East Coast – Noosa & Everglades

Arrived in Noosa by the afternoon so we had chance to walk around the town before the sun sets. The wifi at this hostel was shocking however we found the free wifi phone booths which became a big treat for us. We spent our first day exploring the surf scene which was a lot bigger than we expected for this small town. The Ocean was one of the most crystal clear and purifying waters I have ever experienced in my life, it offered the surf if you get what I mean. From being here and meeting some of the locals in the surfing areas you learn how much respect they have for the water , they almost cherish it because to optimise the waves you have to give in to the water and let it take control, thats what Ive heard. At first I found this incredibly hard , coming from a town where the odds of people knowing how to surf is 0 to 1 million….. It took me some time to get to grips of letting go, and this challenge came to luke too, we had to learn to just let go and let the earth take control. After experiencing this feeling of letting go you feel yourself ten times lighter and more aware of your surroundings like a third eye had been opened and then the surf began, Im not saying im an expert but im trying and I know Im doing it right now.


Then Came the Everglades trip on the morning after. We had to meet at the docks at 7am to be taken to a shack in the middle of a river surrounded by long grass and houses’ in the middle( super weird but cute ) Then we had to take a canoe and paddle for about 5 hours to our Campsite which had a lot of friends waiting for us. The one thing about the Everglades is the water, Its colour is unique. Its almost black with a tint of red which gives it the haunting feeling of a horror movie about to take place. There were no crocodiles or sharks but we got warned just in case , however Ants were a big problem here.

Never agree to canoeing unless you lift weights for a living , It is fun when you are splashing about but to canoe overall more than 10 hours over 2 days I don’t recommend it.

When we arrived we introduced ourselves to our group of about 10. It was tiring day with the sun setting so we decided to make food from which we had in crates , either pasta, noodles, beans or fruit in a can, you can imagine my excitement….. We made some great friends here too , some of which have done some amazing things since. We spent the whole night in one tent because the mosquitos were vicious , playing never have I ever and card games that no one ever seems to get the hang of. Overall it was an enjoyable first day and a hilarious night, It is these kind of moments that make you cherish life

Day two , we ventured at 7am to the sand dune in a two hour canoe journey with luke moaning the whole way that I wasn’t pulling my wait ( I was! ) After Arriving at the bottom may I add, we then had to trek up the rainforest that at first seemed fine however half way through the 2 hour walk in 40 degree heat wasn’t enjoyable, Luke also left me at one point leaving me to die with no water ( Not even exaggerating ) Luckily two german guys saved me by contributing their water. When at the top I burst into tears from the tiredness and dehydration however the view was also outstandingly beautiful. Just sand everywhere for miles and miles, It was so strange having walked through a rainforest with trees and mud paths to nothing. We spent about an hour before we did the walk back down which we all silently did and then dived straight into the river when we got back to our canoes.

We spent the night at our campsite in the middle of nowhere, playing football , taking about our futures and videoing whilst being  under a canoe which was so funny I nearly drowned. This was defiantly a trip to remember and after tea with everyone heading to their tents me and luke looked up at the sky to reveal a universe full of stars like you have never seen before. Breathtaking is my only word…….they were so close to you, you could almost touch them , thats when I turned to luke and said I love him because this moment was worth finishing with some love.

The campground
The campground

Home time.

We canoed back to that house in the middle of the river to be picked up by the same driver who dropped us off. Another adventure done off the list. Back to the town of the surf.

Over our next few days we went to the Emundi Markets which is the biggest market Ive ever seen! spent a few hours in the pool masting the dirty dancing lift which  then got the owner of the hostel wanting to join. ( sorry only room for one dancer ) Venturing to Noosa look out which was of course amazing, Noosa was a huge place especially from the view we were seeing it from. We then went to the surf festival which we saw Derek ( BRAZILIAN BLIND SURFER ) In Manly we watched a documentary in a church about him and he was inspiring , his goal was to achieve pipeline in Hawaii which he never managed to do there however years after the DVD was released he finally did. Then we watched an outdoor cinema called Vans presents the history of surfing and skating . I recommend watching ….. finally drawing, skyping and beach bumming it, Surfing in Noosa has inspired me as I hope if you ever visit, it will you too. Next on the agenda is Fraser …..

Thursday 5th March – Sunday 15th March


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