East Coast – Brisbane

We arrived in Brisbane after a very delayed journey on the coach from Surfers. Since we had the whole day we thought we should check in at somewhere to stay, unpack our things into a very wet and cosy room with 6 other people who smoked alot especially outside our windows and then we decided to get the bus and head into town. Brisbane is a very lively city , there are lots of people , gardens and a lagoon for all to share. It was kind of strange stepping into Brisbane because you hear all these types of rumours about what it’s like from other travellers but the truth is when you see it for yourself its a whole different experience.

Somewhere to stay hostel
Somewhere to stay hostel

One the first day we walked past all the universities and arty buildings that covered one part of brisbane and spent the whole afternoon asleep on the botanic gardens with numerous amounts of hobos , gypsies and kids. It’s that kind of place we you feel adventurous even in a big city like Brisbane, you want to run around for days and days on end just trying to find everything you can like your on a treasure hunt.


Second day we met up with our good friend joe ( Coffs ) and headed across the bridge to bigger part of Brisbane where there skyscrapers pretty much every where you look. We took into consideration that we were all dancers itching to create something unique with our bodies, since none of us had danced in about 2 months we created a video in the very large space just before the bridge, which in the end turned out very well, excluding the frustrating parts trying to get luke to do some contemporary with me. People were watching , clapping and over all just appreciating talent in their own homeland.

Day 3 me and luke headed down to town once again , to catch an hour long bus ride to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. When you come to Queensland it’s pretty much the only thing you have to do or else you get teased amongst other travellers. This day was such a special day because not only did we hold a koala and watch them live but we also fed wild kangaroos too. You will never experience true happiness ( could be exaggerating abit ) until you feed a kangaroo and scratch its belly like you would do to a dog. They make the strangest sounds like a humming mixed with a mumble , its kind of incredible when you think about it. After a long day staring at koalas fighting over bamboo and starring you out, we headed back to town to lay on the man made beach to spend the rest of our day just relaxing , taking in one experience at a time.

Days 4 and five were spent drawing on the balcony , finding huge spiders nest’s on these house’s where people actually lived and exploring the town’s markets and shops with the occasional Skype to home, book reading and practising swimming skills in the pool. I loved Brisbane with all my heart and If I could live there I really would but travelling is more in important right now than settling down. Next is Noosa, the town of the surfers and Everglades.

Sunday 1st March – Thursday 5th March 2015


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