• East Coast – Surfers Paradise

    We crossed the boarder which meant that the time zone was now 10+ hours in front now instead of 12. Queensland is a beautiful place, you wouldn’t think that traveling a few hours north would be any different but it really is. The bus journey was long (premiere) , me and luke were saying that after the East Coast we will either car share or buy our own vehicle, however the bus is a very convenient way of traveling australia. After arriving in surfers, we were greeted with our own little house on the end of the street. Me and luke decided to throw ourselves a welcome home party because we hadn’t had a room to ourselves in so long. Today was a good day because the sun was shining , the birds were singing and we had arrived at another destination in australia.

    Riding illegally

    Riding illegally

    Once we had met up with joe from coffs, we ventured into the main centre where there were alot of tattoo studios, markets and a very large beach (you couldn’t swim unless in the areas where the flags were because of Jellyfish). As tempted as joe was to get a tattoo he didn’t get one. Surfers was the kind of place where you instantly feel like you have walked into a very large club, there were party people on either sides of the road, malls and even at the beach trying to sell you a party package. As exciting as that was I didn’t want to waste my money on that, so instead me, luke and joe bought some theme park tickets! At this point I reached a point of missing home, I had only been gone a month! But when you travel you see the world in such a different way that all you want to do is share it with your loved ones
    Can I just say that the Dreamworld was the best place ever? We got up bright and early to catch the bus to dream world, it was about 30 degrees outside when we arrived so we went into the water-world first. There was no queues what so ever which made this experience so much more fun. We went on this one called the tube where you have to stand in a tube with your arms over your head and wait for the ground to fall beneath you. It was exhilarating! Then their was this one where all three of us had to climb into a dingy and slide down these tunnels until you got to the big circle which tossed you around like hamster in a wheel. There was dozen’s of water rides, alot of laughing and a few scary words from a life guard about my bathing suit so it was time to head over to the theme which was right next door.

    Dream world is ten times better than alton towers, can I just say that this park not only has safe rides but the water is recycled from every ride, as gross as that might sound but at least their saving water. The claw is probably the best , the ride were its shaped like a claw ( i know ) where it flings you about until you feel dizzy. This is when we decided after a full day at the park it was time to go. On the bus back joe might of had too much excitement and threw up on the bus. ( stay classy Santiago )  That night we had friends over from byron and met some new friends called dan and tom at dominos and then vicky turned up just before her flight to new zealand just to say hi. It was our first hosting in our house and we all just sat and watched the beach. Did I mention that pizza here is just $5 ( 2.50 pound )
    The next day we spent half the day roaming around the town on scooters that we rented , I nearly crashed because luke was distracting me while driving and then we went to sky point. The highest residential building in the world, let me tell you it was high. However the ride up the top was literally like 17 seconds. ( super weird) You haven’t seen anything like the view that was here, just miles and miles of land , sea and house’s. You can actually climb the building if you wanted too but that was too much for us so we just looked out of the window instead. Brisbane next…..
    25th february – 1st march 2015


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