• East Coast – Byron Bay

    Arrived in byron bay , just in time to catch the cyclone that was happening all the way up the east coast, which made our situation very miserable until it finally cleared up towards the end of the week. The first thing we did to make ourselfs feel better about the rain and the wind was pancakes! You have never tried pancakes until you have tried Lorenzo’s pancakes. Blueberries, ice – cream , syrup and Raspberries. YUM. As I mentioned in my other post’s we were traveling along with some friends who we met up with in Byron which was the best part as when the weathers crap everyone reverts to their devices and social encounters are non-existent.
    Byron has to be one of the most spiritual places on earth. Around every corner theres a surfer with dreadlocks listening to bob Marley out of his retro van or a hippie shop on the corner of the street selling jewels, pendents and all sorts of mystical things. Then there is the beach. That beach has to be one of the most tranquil places I have ever witnessed, plus the surf was incredible, if you could surf ( beginner) The atmosphere around that place is totally chilled and hippiefied, which makes it all the more reason to visit I suppose. Every conversation Ive had up the east Coast has always involved byron bay being the best place on the east coast , and their 100% right.
    During our stay we managed to climb the long rainforest walk to the light house which over looked pretty much all of byron , and whilst it was the most humid and rainy day Ive witnessed yet, the view was impeccable. You see huge amounts of runners here may i add, fitness in australia is like having caramel in your dairy milk bar, you cant even walk down a pavement with out moving to the side for a jogger.
    Here is where I met my friends Erica and Matilda. These two Swedes we call them , are two of the best people you can meet whilst traveling, Im so happy I met them! who knew you would meet life long friends in just a couple of days. Another adventure we took during the stormy days was a trip to Ninbin. If anyone has heard of ninbin it is exactly what you expect for a town of about 8 shops and an old lady on the corner of the street who may or may not sell you cookies. As I did not indulge in these suspicious treats my friends sure did. ( not naming names due to parents reading ) The town itself was a small town located in the middle of lots of trees and fields, which made it look un-residential however quite a few people live there? Anyway as you walk through the town full of people high off their faces I came across a crystal shop which held me up for a good hour until we left for the waterfall and barbecue.
    The next few days consisted of hanging out with friends making full course dinners and surfing which was a delight. We did happen to have a really intensive game of volleyball though which was against the locals , luckily our team was quite equipped for the match ahead even though we did not win ( figures) I must say the day we walked along the beach to a certain spot to go snorkelling in, was the most beautiful place Ive ever seen. Everything was crystal clear, the water was a tranquil green and the waves were just lush. If you have never been to Byron I recommend you go.
    Off to surfers now…..
    20th february – 25th february 2015


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