• East Coast – Sydney

    So, having spent most of my life living comfortably in my rochdale home I finally set sail to the opposite side of the earth. Australia. Me and my partner, luke set off on the flight from Manchester airport to Abu Dhabi then finally sydney airport after waving our family good bye. Not a lot of people I know at nineteen would be courageous enough, to leave behind all of their comforts of their home and friends to explore the most expensive country on the planet. Although I saved quite a bit of money, it  did not prepare me enough for what was to come.
    When we hit sydney after two flights, one being a 13.5hr flight, our first instinct was to sleep on a nice cosy double bed Luke’s grandparents had waiting for us at their home in Gordon. As you can imagine emotions were at their highest point when we finally said to each other

    “we made it.”

    Sydney was extremely gigantic. The atmosphere almost knocked me over on our first day trip around the city. You  feel flooded with excitement and fear with the many human beings surrounding you, as you can imagine we were tiny dots on a big scale. The city has a way of making you spend money with out you even realising its gone from your purse. After checking out all of the cities landmarks : sydney harbour bridge, sydney opera house, Tongara zoo, botanic gardens and many more; You feel like you have seen all that you could possibly see so we left for Bondi beach. We also met our good friend Vicky along the way, she was so  tanned, I looked like paper next to her. Being from england you only know what you know about a place from books and the web, you never discover the underground world which the locals know about, which is very disappointing as majority of the locals don’t tend to mix in with the travellers here. If I knew what I knew now about sydney I would of invested alot more time into discovering its true colours, maybe one day.
    Bondi beach was a dream. The two trains and a bus to get there however was not.  we spent almost 4 days here being flung about in the waves, walking the great walk around to Coogee beach and then the juice bar around the corner from the yoga studio. I feel like I was a baby being flung into the adult world with no knowledge whatsoever. Me and luke were just coming to terms with the whole hostel/backpacking situation whilst trying to make friends, and also making a plan for the rest of the trip. We met a young couple who we spent most of our days with and and a few girls who we met once or twice, seemingly enough we became friends to the point where our diner time was being interrupted by a game of piggy.
    We never got to go to the famous icebergs, due to the fact it’s price to swim in their pool was a ridiculous amount. We have to admit we did try and get in but that was as far as we got. When we first arrived, we had the money to blow on whatever we  wanted, even though sydney after 10 days had drained quite abit, we decided to invest properly in our future trip up the coast and get our act together. After a good long two hours with the travel agent we had a plan. During this day when my card refused to work in the shop I had to withdraw some money from the local bank, on my way back I literally smashed into ashton kucther. ( just thought I’d mention that)
    For the second part of our journey around sydney we headed to get the ferry to manly which is the coolest place EVER….. me and luke say its got that kind of vibe which if your not boring you would understand. There was a surf festival on at this point which also included a skate competition. May I add that all of this was free…. this is where we found our true love across the road, Frozen yogurt. It will be solely the one thing I will not be able to live without when I leave. We checked into the most disgusting hostel ever , sharing a bed with cockroaches, spiders and luke , 3 days was definitely enough. During valentines day as we spent all our days  catching live festivals on the beach and watching the surfing on the softest sand you will ever feel, luke managed to win a surfboard from playing the one game we make all of our important decisions from. ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. I still cant believe what happened. The next thing I knew we were trading the board in for an even better board with a leash and fins and wax. CRAZINESS. As you can imagine we celebrated with two frozen yogurts that day.
    On our last day we ventured to the beach to watch luke try out his knew board and to go and get my retainers from the dentist ( harley…) Luke got seriously burnt. (factor 50 just Isn’t good enough anymore ) just about when we were suppose to leave we checked my instagram randomly and turns out the picture I took of luke a few days earlier had won another surfboard……I bet you think Im lying ……. Im not. So to wrap this part up we had a crazy few days discovering, learning, winning and most importantly living. Now to Coffs Habour.
    January 29th 2015 – February 16th 2015


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