East Coast – Coffs Harbour

Arrived into Coffs at 4 in the morning all fuzzy and anxious to be in a new place. we managed to get a taxi to the hostel and we were lucky enough to catch a cleaner to let us in. After we got unpacked we made friends with Jim’s mowing. ( freddy ) We ventured to the main beach in coffs with dogs flying around, birds chirping and most of all the sound of the waves crashing against our feet. During that day we did some crazy activities like jumping off jetties , meeting some hippie ausies and the best part was traveling at night to watch kangaroos in their natural habituate. If you have ever seen kangaroos on emerald beach you will feel truly mesmerised, they don’t always come close but to even feel their presence is something out of this world.

over the next few days we took canoes and paddle boards up the creek and jumped off tree swings into the most amazing river ( which I was sure had crocs in it ) On our first night out, luke managed to get his rap on with our good friend joe on the karaoke , then dragging me up there to do a duo. Whilst all of this was happening the sun was at its purist with vitamin D shining all over the place. The sun really makes your day ten times better because you feel like you need to be a little kid again and explore the world which is exactly what me and luke felt like this whole time ( more luke than me ) Sometimes you need to be a kid to experience the best parts of life because they are so free and irresponsible, its almost infectious not to become one in the most dawning of places.

Fast forward to the day where a bunch of us rented a car and set out to explore dangar waterfalls. Though the weather wasn’t as beautiful as we hoped, we managed to have a great time in the freezing waterfall , which contained a lot of leeches may I add. I loved this day in so many ways, mixing travellers from germany, england and Sweden was definitely a good idea. After our cold bath we voyaged to the big banana, which was nothing more than a big banana ( haha) the past few days really  brought life to our trip , especially with the people we met because we ended up traveling with half of them up the east coast, and now even though our travels have separated, we still feel like we will always be friends.



The trip to coffs was quiet short because we had a urge to keep exploring no matter how good the time was there which leads me to my next post which is byron bay.
 16th February – 20th February 2015


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