have you ever felt like you have missed out on a special moment because your phone died or your camera wasn’t working. These are daily problems when it comes to travelling and yet we miss out on some of our greatest memories because of it. This is the reason I bought a polaroid (technically I got it as a present but I asked for it) I wanted to make sure that every moment worth taking was captured in one tiny white picture, with polaroids also you get the picture right there and then, no more editing or trying to brush out all of the imperfections, the camera takes the picture as it is, honestly the results are beautiful.
    Polaroids can be quite expensive but these little babies can be a treat to you and your purse. You can also buy them in most superstores and camera shops, with the web you can literally type in “INSTAX MINI” and you will get results instantly. Ive found that I use this bad-boy more than I use my own phone which is phenomenal in this day and age, so why not try it. Its cheap, quick and the results will leave you with thousands of ideas to decorate your walls with.
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