• Confessions Of A Travel Blogger.

    Lets take honesty to a new level here. I spend ALOT and I don’t mean the average 1-2 hours on a computer or phone like everyone else. I mean I spend about 3-4 hours everyday on my computer working my fingers to the bone to try and get work for clients and companies done before the 24 hour mark is complete. You think traveling the world is a dream like all these photos on Instagram you see, well let me tell you about some of my less glamour moments traveling……..

    Lets start with the wifi situation, I love wifi, the amount of time we spend together is probably more than what Luke and I spend together (sorry Luke) So as you can imagine our lives are pretty connected that is however until you are traveling to a remote side of the world where people still use string telephones as communication. I am not joking on this but when social media stars say it’s good to unwind and take a break from wifi they are all telling lies, the reason how I know this is because I have been in this situation plenty of times, they say it’s for family time……. err no

    1. The truth is They have no wifi and are constantly searching around for a location where they can continue their 6 unfinished posts without missing their deadline.  In their spare time you will find them constantly editing their photos on adobe or even taking the pictures of glamorous palm tress for their next post, whilst scrolling through their saved photos trying to find that hidden mountain somewhere in the desert. Their eyes will be red and they practically never sleep because we always have something to do.

    2.  Work load. Being a travel blogger requires more than what your 9-5 life does, you can go home and switch off whereas we are always moving from location to location, and it never stops. There is always going to be more places to see, more stories to tell and the longer you work on it the more it will prevail. You can’t just clock off at the end of the day you have to do lists down to the floor with insta meetings and seminars, you’ve got to gather information and productive images which are going to sell on your posts, then you’ve go to make back up posts incase your posts don’t gather enough traffic. Unless you have an assistant let me tell you, it’s hard work!! But when you see your work being recognised it is all worth the 60 million hours you put into it.


    If you previously read my post on road tripping you will find that no everyone has wifi and the worst part is when your relying on it then loose it. I remember waking up one morning super inspired to write a post however being parked under a mountain gave me less than what I had hoped in terms of signal. I did my planing, research and whatnot so when we hit signal BOOM I would be ready. We spent hours climbing, driving, swimming literally trying to find signal, for a few moments we honestly thought if we died out here no-one would know. That is until 2 days later we came across this tiny town which with a bit of luck and a overpriced ice-cream I got to work on my blog.


    However this story isn’t all about wifi it’s about the life you lead as a travel blogger. When your on the road you pretty much have to rely on your caveman instincts to get you through the trip, grabbing wood for fire, packing enough water so you don’t dehydrate and finally avoid getting eaten by animals larger and more fierce than you. Travel bloggers go through the up and beyond to find you as an audience the perfect story or picture.  My most unglamorous moment was when I didn’t shower for 5 days so I could get that golden tan and beachy look for just one picture which didn’t even turn out good and my god it was so not worth the 5 days.

    There is so much to the outside life of travel bloggers, It’s not all “they live the dream” They are like everybody else in some ways, they work hard and majority of the time whilst your sat in your cozy office drinking Lattes we’re probably outside at -20 degree weather trying to find that rare arctic rabbit everyones raving about. (Maybe alittle dramatic) But still, we work hard and its not all 5 star hotels and endless beaches sometimes it’s deserted towns or trails leading to nowhere, but we choose this life in all it’s dirt, snow and craziness and in some ways it choose us.

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    1. Evangelina07
      February 9, 2017 / 8:39 pm

      I believe every word of it.
      I am by no means a professional travel blogger but even on my level a good blog post takes time. I seriously can not even imagine how time consuming it would be to do this full time.
      But I guess one would not be a travel blogger if one would not have the passion for traveling and the desire to tell stories about it. I am sure it is hard work, but if it is something you love, maybe it comes easier.

      • February 9, 2017 / 10:10 pm

        It does and a lot of people don’t understand the pressure and lifestyle. It’s very hard to see from a beautiful picture the hard work put into it ☺️ just an insight for everybody

        • Evangelina07
          February 9, 2017 / 10:13 pm

          Oh I understand the part about photography just too well. It’s not about the equipment one has, it’s about the person behind the camera. Amen. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    2. February 9, 2017 / 10:07 pm

      Very true but still made me smile. We wouldn’t have it any other way hey? 😊🚗

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